Saturday, May 4, 2019

On the Fact that There Are No "Fine People" In Antifa (They Are Comprise Instead of Violent Thugs Who Wish to Torpedo the First Amendment and Who Fly the Banner of an Ideology that Slaughtered 100,000,000 of its Own People In the 20th Century) and for Mr. Biden to Even Imply that These Miscreants Constitute the Best of Society Is Inexcusable (Even In These Upside-Down Times)

What a fucking coward, trying to make hay out the Charlottesville fiasco and not possessing the integrity to admit that a significant percentage of the people on the right who were there were there simply to protest the taking down of those Civil War statues, and that there wouldn't have been any violence had the mayor and law enforcement simply done their jobs and kept the two groups separate. So much for Biden being the only grown-up in the room, huh?

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