Monday, May 27, 2019

On the Fact that if You, as a Minority, Feel so Emboldened as to Consistently Denigrate and Place Demands Upon Your Alleged Oppressor, Perhaps You're Not Quite as Oppressed as You Think, I'm Just Sayin'

The obvious truth here is that (and, yes, here you have to do a little research - sorry) truly oppressed groups try and put distance between them and their oppressor and they certainly don't get in their face and insult them. And, besides, if the white majority in the U.S. was such an obscenely repressive entity, why in the hell is every fucking minority on the planet trying to barge their way in here? It makes no sense OBVIOUSLY and yet this is the type of superficial garbage that these victim-mongers are peddling these days. Un-real.

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