Tuesday, June 6, 2017

On the Fact that Media Matters Is Apparently Trying to Get Sean Hannity Off the Air Simply for Covering the Seth Rich Murder In a Manner that THEY Find Objectionable

I don't care for Sean Hannity (his brand of rancorous partisanship has never been my thing) and if the fellow got cancelled I wouldn't shed a tear but, I'm sorry, this is not the way to do it. a) It's a capitulation to the partisan shits, fascists, and hooligans and b) it represents a horrible precedent that if we aren't careful could lead to a severe curtailing of free speech. I mean, I understand that Mr. Brock doesn't like conservative speech and all but a lot of folks don't like him, either, and if his opponents ever get a chance to turn the tables, he just might wish that he had been a little more prudent in his dispensation of cosmic justice, the ends justify the means, etc..

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