Wednesday, April 19, 2017

On the Fact that (According to J.T. Wilson's Seminal Work, "The Black Phalanx") Amongst the 28,000 Troops that Louisiana Governor, Thomas O. Moore, Commissioned in Late 1861 Was a Regiment Comprised of 1,400 "Colored" Soldiers

Wilson also went on to assert that, "Prejudice against the Negro at the North was so strong that it required the arm of public authority to protect him from assault, though he declared in favor of the Union. Not so at the South, for as early as April, 1861, the free Negroes of New Orleans held a public meeting and began the organization of a battalion, with officers of their own race, with the approval of the State government, which commissioned their Negro Officers. When the Louisiana militia was reviewed, the Native Guards (Negro) made up, in part, the first division of the State troops."............Needless to say, the North has gone to great lengths to bury these facts and, while, yes, the South has probably engaged in some revisionism as well (as to the number of black Confederate troops), the truth will eventually win out, I hope.    

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