Thursday, February 25, 2016

On Physicians Who Refer to Doctoral Level Nurse Practitioners as "Nurses Who've Taken a Few Extra Courses"

Yeah, this one makes me mad on several levels. a) Nurse practitioners aren't the same as nurses in that even those without a doctorate have more education and training than RNs and LPNs. b) To get a doctorate in nursing (which could either be a PhD or a DNP), it isn't just a few extra courses that you need to take but rather a rigorous program consisting of between 30 and 45 credits. And c) I have personally worked with nurse practitioners and I can tell you for a fact that a large percentage of them are every bit as competent as physicians (especially for routine stuff). Yes, there exists a difference between an MD (or a DO) and a DNP but that doesn't necessarily mean that one is superior in all cases and being that the system is going to need ALL practitioners (nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, OTs, PTs, MSWs, etc.) moving forward (coverage expanding, a possible doctor shortage, etc.), it's probably best that these doctors lose the attitude.

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