Wednesday, February 3, 2016

On the Bernie Sanders "Plan" to Take $5,000 from Middle-Class Taxpayers and Magically Turn it Into $10,000 Worth of Health Insurance Coverage

  It's ludicrous and yet there are low-information voters out there who buy it. And let's be honest here, it was government interference that created this whole mess of out-of-control healthcare costs; the wage-controls of the 1940s which created the incentive for employers to offer health insurance to their employees as a substitute for raises (an act that really got the ball rolling on this whole idiotic third-party payer bullshit), those moronic FDA policies of the 1960s which increased the cost of bringing a drug to market by eight-fold, the creation of Medicare and Medicaid (also in the 1960s - two programs that were initially supposed to be small and modest but which now take up close to a quarter of the federal budget) which subsidized the cost of healthcare even more, etc., and so excuse me if I'm a little skeptical that this inarticulate socialist buffoon thinks that HIS intervention is going to rectify things. Trust me, it won't. 


BB-Idaho said...

Yeah, Bernie should go after the real problem, or else
mandate prescriptions drugs from Canada.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Reimportation of drugs from Canada is a no-brainer and I hope that both sides could agree upon that.