Friday, December 20, 2013

The Progressive Solution to the Upcoming Doctor Shortage

Pay them less and give them more paperwork.


dmarks said...

And get rid of the doctors.... Jerry was saying that recently here.

According to a recent article at CNN

"There is a physician shortage, and experts say more primary care doctors are needed "

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

This orthopedic surgeon that I've dealt with recently has 7 employees, 5 of which do nothing but billing. If I were a young person who wanted to get into medicine today, there is no way in hell that I would be a doctor. I would instead become an OT or PT. 6 years (in CT, all new therapists have to have a doctorate) versus 12 years, significantly less aggravation, and kick-ass money. AND, because you posses a PhD, you still get to be called, doctor!

BB-Idaho said...

Doubt they cover the business end that much in med school, but physicians have their gripes over
fees with other than medicare. For example-
"These numbers are not real. I have been in practice over 20 years and my income is decreasing significantly and my expenses to run the practice are growing double digit.
Most private insurances like: Cigna,Aetna, UHC,BCBS pay me the same fee scheduled what I used to be paid in 80's. in fact they pay me on average less than $60..00 for 99213 code. They pay for adult physical exam less than $ 80.00 ; I allocate 45 minutes for exam.
What is most outrages that those companies are spending time and resources to harass me for refunds raging from $15.00 to {postbody}.33. Fo example I had treated patient after office hours for hand wound; I sutured the wound and it healed nicely.The BCBS paid me less than $ 80.00 for my care. Subsequently, I got a letter from them demanding refund of $26.00. This is example that those insurances are totally mismanaged, corrupt and do not understand the value of PF in patient care. I sent a letter to BCBS to educate them that if I would send patient to ER the cost would be 15 times higher; I saw the bills for $ 1,300 to $2,000 for wound care. Those companies do not want to manage health care effectively.It is easier for them to increase premiums 30% to 40% a year."

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

My doctor just stopped accepting United and there will no doubt be others in the years to come.......I would also remind you that my plan (health savings accounts, subsidies to the poor, and a catastrophic policy) doesn't just reduce the involvement of government. It also reduces the role of insurance companies and brings insurance back to what it used to be; strictly for emergencies....I mean, you don't have food insurance, do you?