Sunday, December 22, 2013

On the 45,000 people Who Purportedly Die Every Year From a Lack of Health Insurance

Yes, there is a study which has been touting that statistic. But it's also fair to point here out that two of the authors of this study are hard-core leftists who have been trying for years to get the country to adopt a single-payer system and so, no, they aren't exactly disinterested. That and I would also refer you to two other studies (also by liberals) that have full-throatedly contradicted this one; the one by Richard Kronick of UC-San Diego ("their estimates are almost certainly incorrect") and the one by Henry Aaron of the Brookings Institution ("Like Kronick, I am a strong advocate of measures to achieve universal insurance coverage and would rather that Kronick’s study and the Oregon project provided evidence in support of my policy preference. But, as far as mortality is concerned, they just don’t"). Just for a modicum of balance, I'm saying.


Jerry Critter said...

So, how many should die?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

We don't want anybody to die who doesn't have to, Jerry. The only debate is how in the hell do we reach that point. My preference would be to get third party payers out of it as much as possible in that that is what's truly driving up the cost, in my opinion.