Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Crony Chase

It's looking more and more like Mayor Daley owes the President of the United States an apology. At least from what I've been hearing, the so-called intelligence that the White House had gotten on this Olympic matter (i.e., that Chicago was running neck and neck with Rio/Madrid....and that, yes, a presidential visit would in fact get us over the hump) had come from none other than the mayor's office. And, yes, folks, being that this information was obviously bogus/the President himself was left with egg on his face, I truly think that the Mayor needs to show some accountability here. Of course, whether he needs to admit that he was lying or not (this, as opposed to his simply being wrong), that's something for him to come to grips with. Him, and whatever conscience the fellow has/hasn't.


Vigilante said...

The President was only going to bat for his country. He lost and we lost. Of course the Republicants are going to throw egg at his face. We should all see that it doesn't stick.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I don't have huge problem with him going, Vig. And I certainly didn't like the reaction from the right when they heard about the decision (people at the Weekly Standard cheering). I'm just having a creepy feeling about this Daley guy possibly feeding the White House B.S.. At the very least, he was way off.