Monday, December 22, 2008

The Deepest Well in All of Wellesley, Neko Case

How did I ever live before Neko Case, folks? I'm serious here. And, yes, this is absolutely coming from a guy who's "master list" of favorites (female singer-songwriters, all) rules, is itself massive, legendary, etc.. I don't know, maybe it has to do with the fact that she has this simultaneous capacity to transport....and render, too. I mean, seriously, I can't even remember the last time that "Deep Red Bells" or "Maybe Sparrow" didn't make me want to rush toward it; something, a dream-like state at Sassy's, etc.. And, yes, folks, all along the wretched banks, those cheers and cheers for Neko. Talk about having your own cake and tripping on it later, huh? - something special, indeed!

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