Thursday, November 27, 2008

He May Be a Bad Student But He's Our Bad Student

I don't know, folks, to me, irony is ALWAYS beautiful. Of course, it's probably at its most exquisite when those on the receiving end are essentially lunatics, stooges, a bunch of self-satisfied bastards, etc.. Take, for instance, what's recently happened over at Lydia's. For months those lunatics have feasted on the well known fact that John McCain was hardly a stellar student at the Naval Academy, the fact that he finished fifth from the bottom of his class, etc.. And, yes, of course, they're always contrasting this aspect of McCain's resume to the fact that their guys, Obama and McCain, are flat-out geniuses....................................................Well, guess, what, folks, while Joe Biden may in fact be a genius of sorts (based, I gather, on one of the intellectual assessments used to determine such things), he wasn't exactly a great law school student at Syracuse. According to the research I've done, Biden only finished 76th out of a class of 85. Not quite as bad a ranking as McCain had, mind you, but, still, that's pretty piss-poor when compared to others in the field.......................................................Of course, when I pointed this little tidbit out to the lunatics over there, the response was as it always is - spinning, laced with pure bellicosity. And the thing is, folks, I could hardly give a rat's-ass about any of this. I could care less about any of their class rankings. My only concern is whether or not these politicians put forth a coherent message (McCain and Biden both ranked near the bottom of the the class in this regard). But you do see what I'm saying about irony, though, right, the fact that I couldn't help BUT to tweak the SOBs, etc.?


Anonymous said...

Although much ballyhooed, John's class standing was more just an indication of his attitude ... great potential wasted !

The ultimate things which soured me on him as Presidential material:
1] the obsequious "hug" at the 2000 rebubbacan convention [and his acquiescence in the rovian [aka "turdblossom" ... virtually the only thing geo. dubya shrub and co., the Pinnocchio and Gepetto Show, has gotten right in almost 8 years];

2] his reversal on his absolutely worthy "agents of intolerance" statement in order to gain the "base" [how true in every aspect of that word] and kiss ass, selling the last shred of his honor for the nomination; and

3] sarah palin ... the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Herbert Hoover ... she is the wooden stake thru the heart [and I use that term with great doubt in the context of rebubbacanism] of that group and the stranglehold of the wing-nut, radical, fanatic, evangelicals on the American agenda since the mid '70s.

John, like Douglas MacArthur, who had a much more valid claim to American Hero and a bigger ego, should now just gracefully fade away.

That said ... BEAT ARMY ... again and again and ... (;o} ... 6 in-a-row -soon to be 7- and counting v. WooPoo ... GRRRREAT !; 6 in-a-row and counting v. duberry's "team jesus" ... PRICELESS !!! 6 consecutive CinC Trophies [and this time to be received from an elected, respected President] ... STUPENDOUS !!!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

His reversal on the "agents of intolerance" statement bothered me, too. As for Palin, I was against McCain before he selected her. Hell, I guess you could call me somebody who truly prefers a "more humble foreign policy".

Voltron said...

Regarding Sarah Palin,

Depending on where you look McCain lost by about 6 to 7 million votes.

How do you think he'd have done without her?

Am I the only one who remembers the huge crowds of like maybe 23 people who came out to hear him speak before he chose her?

If there was a drag on the McCain ticket it was McCain.

Anyway, since Hillary won it's kinda moot.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

The only reason I "brought this up", 1138, is because those Lydia stooges made a big thing about class rankings. Just asking for some consistency.