Friday, October 16, 2020

On the Fact that There Are Dozens (that We Know of) of Variables that Go Into the Making of the Planet's Climate (Solar Cycles, Oceanic Oscillations, Plate Tectonics, Volcanic - Including Underwater Volcanoes - Activity and Inactivity, Cosmic Rays, Planetary Perturbations, Bacteria, Lunar and Galactic Cycles, Cloud Formations, etc., etc.)......and so for These Corrupt Politicians, Court Scientists, and Bureaucrats to Argue that We Can Somehow Control the Earth's Temperature by Tweaking Ever so Slightly Just One of These Factors Is Truly Something that We Must a) Ridicule and b) Fight Back with All of Our Being In that Their so-Called Solutions (a Reliance On Unreliable, Diffuse, Low Power Density, and High Resource Intensity Energy Forms) Could Potentially Result In Mass Starvation and Death

And here's another thing, if these imbeciles truly believed that CO2 emissions were going to cause a cataclysmic climate situation they would be advocating for a huge increase in hydroelectric and nuclear energy (which actually has mush less waste than solar and a tinier environmental footprint) in that these two power sources emit ZERO CO2 emissions......but of course they aren't and so what does that say? Yeah, huh? 

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