Monday, January 13, 2020

On Prince Harry and Hot Wife, Meghan Markle, Vacating Buckingham Palace and Moving to America and All of the SJW Miscreants In the Media Blaming it On, Yep, You Got it, RACISM (the Chick Is 3/8ths Black, at Most, but They Still Have to Go There Anyway)!!!

Yeah, my suspicion here is that the gal simply a) got homesick for the U.S., b) didn't care for the duties of being a royal (would you?), and c) missed the limelight of being an American celebrity......and nothing more than that.............And as for this whole racism bullshit, I seem to recall the British tabloids going pretty strong to the basket with Duchess Fergie as well (calling her the "Duchess of Pork") and she's about as white as rice as I recall. But, hey, what's a day without another racism charge, I guess.

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