Sunday, April 14, 2019

On Low IQ Democratic Candidate, Julian Castro, Referring to the Trump Administration's Floated Idea of Dumping Illegal Aliens Into Sanctuary Cities as, "Cruel"

Yeah, I don't get this one. Cruel to who? I mean, it certainly isn't cruel to the illegal aliens who will get not just protection but a massive quantity of freebies...….and while it's possible that he's referring to the taxpayers of these states and cities, that doesn't make much sense, either, in that we've been led to believe that immigration and multiculturalism are wonderful things and that everybody benefits from them (yes, tongue firmly in cheek). The only thing that I can come up with is that Castro (aptly named, huh?) doesn't want these illegals to come to states that are already dark blue but rather to red and purple states where they can rack up even more electoral votes (Plan B, Plan A of course being to neuter the Electoral College). I mean, I hate to be so cynical but, damn, look at who we're dealing with here. Demons!

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