Saturday, February 3, 2018

On Churchill's Never Implemented Mediterranean Strategy (the Attacking of Germany Via the Southern Route as Opposed to Going Through France - a Tactic that Was Ultimately Overruled by FDR) Being Viewed by the Court Historians as Proof of the Fellow's Anti-Communist Credentials (His Supposed Goal Being to Stop Stalin from Taking Eastern Europe)

Yeah, it's bullshit (and, yes, for a long time I had fallen prey to this propaganda, too; Burton Fulsom having made what I thought was a strong case in his compelling book, "FDR Goes to War") in that as Ralph Raico, John Keegan, and others have pointed out, Churchill only voiced this rationale many years after the war was over and if you go back in time you'll quickly discover that the strategy was purely a military one and had absolutely nothing to do with retarding Communism. But hey, who am I to piss upon a legend (and by, legend, I of course mean, legendary war criminal)?    

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