Sunday, February 12, 2017

On the Strong Likelihood that a Large Chunk of the Folks Who Voted for Trump Didn't Do so Because They Thought that the Fellow Was Great but More so Because They Thought that Hillary Was a Dishonest, Corrupt, and Cynical Piece of Shit Lawyer Who They Feared Would More than Likely Blow Up the Middle-East Even More than She Already Has (the Fact that She Helped Get Rid of Gaddafi, Funneled Weapons to Terrorists in Syria, OK'd the Sale of Advanced Weaponry to Saudi Arabia, etc.)

This is clearly foundational and yet partisan idiots like Stephanie Cutter continue in their inability to grasp such common sense (this of course while remaining enmeshed in what is inarguably a cartoonish paradigm of beneficence versus greed, rich versus poor, left versus right, righteousness versus malevolence, tolerance versus intolerance, etc., etc.). So unbelievable.   

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