Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let's Play Some Hardball, Bill

Don't you just love the analogies that Chris Matthews makes? Just take the one he made the other night, for instance. When confronted with the lessened violence in Iraq....and the fact that this situation may in part be due to the surge, Matthews proceeded to compare it all to a dying tree. Specifically, if you have a dying tree that's about to fall, and you fill the weakened base with concrete, it'll stand. It'll stand for a good, long time was his point. And, yes, if in fact you take the concrete out.................................So it is with Iraq, he's saying. As long as we continue to keep our troops in-country, policing the country, sure, we probably CAN keep the hellish place together. And that's the God-damned point, unfortunately, in that, seriously, for how frigging long can we afford to do this? This, I'm saying, in that, soldiers, as opposed to concrete, have a tendency to bleed. Not that O'Reilly gives a shit, of course.

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