Thursday, March 23, 2017

On the Fact that the Neocon Pundit, Ben Shapiro, Finally Came Out and Acknowledged that the U.S. Helped to Facilitate the Ouster of Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, and, Guess What, the Fellow Supported it!!!!!

Ben is a brilliant guy and I certainly wouldn't want to debate him but this was way beyond the pale; this whole warped notion that the U.S. government can go around deposing world leaders simply because we don't like them. I mean, how in the hell is THAT conservative (Russell Kirk spinning in his grave), for Christ?

My Top 10 Favorite Democrats of All Time

10) Lee Hamilton - a foreign policy expert (during his time in the Congress) and a man of pristine integrity. 9) Ed Koch - the gritty and no-nonsense former Mayor of New York City. 8) John Glenn - an American hero and moderate former Senator from Illinois. 7) Jim Webb - a war hero, former Secretary of the Navy, and former bipartisan Senator from Virginia. 6) Robert F. Kennedy - one of the finest Attorney Generals in U.S. history and a distinguished former Senator from New York. 5) William Proxmire - a fiscal hawk and former bipartisan Senator from Wisconsin. 4) John F. Kennedy - a hard-core anti-Communist and fiscal conservative former U.S. President. 3) Richard Daley - arguably the greatest big city Mayor in U.S. history and a person not to fuck with. 2) Al Smith - a conservative anti New Deal former Presidential candidate and outstanding Governor of New York. 1) Grover Cleveland - the last of the Jeffersonian Democrats and possibly the last non-imperial President in U.S. history.............And they're all dead except for Hamilton and Webb....Speaks volumes, huh?         

On Amy Schumer's Netflix Special Massively Bombing and Her Blaming President Trump for it

Maybe, but I strongly suspect that it has more to do with the fact that a) her "look at me, I'm a slut" routine is getting stale, b) the nonstop SJW and third-wave feminism bullshit is simply too burdensome to digest, and c) she was never really all that funny to begin with (funnier than Samantha Bee and Lena Dunham but not by a lot)....That would be my guess anyway. 

On Kissinger Protege, Samantha Power, Going in Front of the U.N. and Condemning the Referendum in Crimea to Rejoin Russia

So it's OK for the U.S. and N.A.T.O. to depose the democratically-elected government of Ukraine and replace it with a bunch of neo-Nazi slantheads but it isn't OK for the people of Crimea to vote to rejoin Russia without an ounce of blood being spilled? Yeah, that's fucked up.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Historians Lochlainn Seabrook and John W. Blassingame) Most of the 60 White Victims of Nat Turner's Sociopathic Killing-Spree Were Non-Slaveholders and/or Abolitionists

Yeah, this is what happens when you think that God is talking to you AND when you listen to maniacs like William Lloyd Garrison whose publication, "The Liberator", was filled with disgusting lies and vitriolic anti-South rhetoric (the fact of the matter is that gradual emancipation was seriously being discussed in the South and, yes, was brought to a near halt due to this bat-shit craziness). YOU KILL PEOPLE!! YOU KILL CHILDREN!! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Historians Lochlainn Seabrook, Eli Evans, and Benjamin Quarles and the Web-Site, In January, 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis Sent His Secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin, to Europe to Declare the South's Commitment to Abolition (In Exchange for Recognition) but Was Rebuffed Because the Plan Was for Gradual and Not Immediate Emancipation

Yeah, this was almost a year prior to the Thirteenth Amendment. And to all of the Yankee apologists who proclaim that was simply an act of desperation on the South's part, a) even if it was it shows that the South thought more of independence than they did of maintaining slavery and b) at the time that this offer was being devised in 1864, the South was still very much in the war. Yeah, there were maybe some preservational elements involved but it was a serious proposal and certainly far more magnanimous that Lincoln's bogus Emancipation Proclamation which didn't free a single slave. 

On the Fact that Some SJW Professor from Harvard Recently Came Out with a List of Fake News Sites and One of Them Was Wikileaks; an Outfit that Just Deals with Documents, NONE OF WHICH HAVE SHOWN TO BE FAKE, NOT ONE!

She also put on the list and boy does that ever tell you something now doesn't it? 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

On the Fact that Senator Sanders's Effective Tax Rate in 2014 Was 13.5%

Speaking of people who need to pony-up a little more, huh?

On Lawrence O'Donnell's Claim that Since Mr. Trump Took an Oath of Office, He Is Technically Under Oath for the Duration of His Presidency, and so When the Fellow Lies He Can be Impeached for it

Yeah, this just might be the most insane comment in the history of political punditry; worse than Maddow, worse than Hannity, worse than Limbaugh, worse than Maddow's twin, Chris Hayes. I mean, does he just not realize that all fucking 44 Presidents would have been impeached if this was the criteria? And even the "lie" that he picked out for this little diatribe wasn't all that blatant (the fact that Trump used the anachronistic term, wire tap, and even used mainstream media sources for his assertion that Obama had spied on him). Look, I get it, O'Donnell and the rest of his fellow ramrods at MSNBC hate Trump (hell, I'm not all that thrilled with him, either) and want to get rid of the guy but this is soooooooo not the way to do it (not in a Western representative Democracy at least).  

And the Humiliation Continues does my enjoyment of it. Thank you, indeed!!

On the "Death-Gap" (the Fact that a Man Is 13 Times More Likely to Die on the Job than a Woman Is)

Yeah, this is one aspect of "toxic masculinity" that the feminists seem to be totally OK with....Have ya' noticed?

On the Fact that We Can Now Officially Add Neocon Pundit Ben Shapiro's Name to the Long List of People Who When They Mention the Fact that Russia Invaded Eastern Ukraine, They Conveniently Leave Out the Precursor Fact that the U.S. and N.A.T.O. Conspired to Depose the Freely Elected Leader of Ukraine and Install Instead Some Neo-Nazi Western Stooge, an Act that Obviously Destabilized the Entire Country

And zero-push back from the press. Not surprising. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

On the Fact that if You Go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Web-Site and Type in Texas, California, or Any Other Major State You Will See a Picture for Pretty Much Every Missing Child but if You Type in Virginia You Will Notice that Close to Half of the Missing Children from There Do NOT Have a Picture -

To say that this is suspicious is putting it mildly, for not only does Virginia (the state that is closest to Washington D.C.) have the highest per capita number of missing kids, they don't appear to be in any sort of hurry to find them, either (most other states if they can't provide a photo will at least try and provide an etching). Hopefully the authorities can make more sense out of this than I can......and, yes, make a few busts as well.

On the Fact that We Actually Have Elected Officials In Washington Who Are LITERALLY Going Senile Before Our Very Eyes

Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution says that a Senator or Congressman can be expelled from office by a two-thirds vote of their respective body. The only problem here is that the charges seem to revolve around disloyalty and not incapacity. Hm, I guess that I'm gonna have to dig a wee-bit deeper on this one.

On the Fact that Senator McCain Recently Went on the Floor of the Senate and Accused His Colleague, Senator Paul, of "Working for Putin" (of Being a Traitor, In Other Words), Simply Because the Latter Doesn't Think that Putting Montenegro Into N.A.T.O. Is a Prudent Idea (the Fact that it Would Be Yet Another Provocative Act Directed at the Russians, Doesn't Involve Our Vital Interests, Brings Us One Step Closer to War etc.)

  And Paul's response? Priceless................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, McCain needs to be censured immediately for this.......So far over the line.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

On the Fact that the New York State Board of Regents Recently Decided to Do Away with the Academic Literacy Skills Test for Prospective Teachers Because Too Many Black and Hispanic Candidates Were Flunking it On the First Attempt and Because They Felt that this Was Harming Diversity in the Classroom by Not Giving Minority Students Enough Positive Role-Models -

So in their social-justice-driven minds, it is better for minority students to have a potentially unqualified minority teacher than a qualified white teacher - this, despite the fact that there is next to no evidence that this would be educationally beneficial? Wow, huh (the fact that they're putting the needs of adults over those of kids, social-engineering their way to still more negative outcomes, etc.)?

Hitler, a Zionist?

Apparently he was in that as Edwin Black's 1992 book, "The Transfer Agreement", completely shows, Hitler and the Zionists of Germany had arrived at a compact in which in exchange for the Jewish boycott of German products being lifted, Hitler would assist the Jews of Germany to migrate to Palestine. AND THE PLAN WAS WORKING (tens of thousands of German Jews and their belongings making their way to British-run Palestine from 1933 to 1939; a trend that only stopped due to the war)!! It was working......until we fucked it up. Thank you, Winston Churchill.

On the Fact that In His Private WW2 Monologues and Discussions (Directed Towards Friends and Party Intimates), Adolph Hitler References Jews 16 Times and In Every One of These Cases the Subject Is Evacuation and/or Removal and NOT Killing, Gassing, Mass Murder, Extermination, etc.

Why are these facts not known to the public? Is it because they want to preserve this idiotic notion that WW2 was one of the "good wars", and that in order for that to remain (i.e. get people's minds off the fact that 60,000,000 died and that Eastern Europe was turned into a Soviet slave state) they have to make Hitler out to be almost cartoonishly diabolical? 'Cause that's what it looks like to me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

On the Fact that Even After Jerry Sandusky, Even After Jeffrey Epstein, Even After Jimmy Savile, Even After Anthony Weiner, Even After Dennis Hastert, Even After Laura Silsby, Even After the Massive Busts in Norway and California, etc., etc., the Left Continues to Apparently Find it Impossible to Even Consider that Those Creepy Podesta Brothers Could Be Pedophiles (this While They Accept as Gospel Every Conspiracy Theory Under the Damned Sun When it Comes to Trump)

It's an almost psychotic level of partisanship and flatly how they roll these days. Frightening, huh?

On the Mayor of Dallas Saying that He's Far More Concerned About White Men with Guns than He Is Muslim Men with Bombs

Statistically he's correct (the fact that there are far more WASPs in America than there are Muslims) but the dude would have been far more correct if he had made the comparison with black men whose murder-rate is six times higher and who's interracial murder rate is twelve times higher. Too bad that he didn't have the courage.

On the Fact that a YouTube Star by the Name of Vernaculis Recently Referred to the Young Turks as, "Journalistic Skidmarks" (an Obvious Response to that Crew's Abject Dishonesty, Virulence, Idiocy, etc.)

Every once in a while you come across something where you say, "yeah, I kinda wish that I had come up with that", and this is clearly one of those. Well done, Vernaculis.

On Rachel Maddow Going on the Air the Other Night and Proving that President Trump a) Dished Out $38,000,000 In Taxes In 2005 and b) Had an Effective Tax Rate (25%) that Was Higher than Even that of MSNBC's Parent Company, Comcast, and Double that of Bernie Sanders

Well that'll certainly teach the Donald. Wayta' go, Rach!...........................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the only person who's happier than Trump right now is Geraldo Rivera whose Al Capone vault special is no longer the biggest dive-bomb in TV history. Youza!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

On John McCain Meeting with Turkey's Disgusting Dictator, Erdogan (His Most Recent Atrocity Being the Choking Off of Northern Syria's Water Supply), and All but Sucking the Guy's Dick

Yeah, this is what drives me crazy. You've got guys like McCain going around demonizing leaders like Putin and Assad (who I grant you aren't choir boys but, please) while simultaneously cozying up to knuckle-draggers like this. I mean, I don't know about you folks but this whole, "yes, he's a pig but he's my pig" mentality" has got to stop. It just has to.

On the Fact that the Podesta Brothers Could Make the Pizzagate Story Go Away Completely Simply by Explaining What Those Bizarre Messages Really Meant but for Some Strange Reason They Won't Do it

If it was me and I was innocent, hell yeah, I'd out there knocking this shit down 24/7......and I especially wouldn't be pointing to Snopes and the New York Times as having "debunked" the story when neither one of these bullshit sites went as far to bring up a single piece of evidence!!............And I ask you, what kind of a dude says that the claims against him have been "debunked" (speaking in legalese and pure mumbo-jumbo) rather than simply articulating, "I'm innocent and never in a million years would I ever do such a thing."? Someone with something to hide, right?

On the Fact that Because Citizen-Journalists Haven't Officially Passed the Gatekeeper that Is the Legacy Media, the Latter Apparently Feels this Necessity to Demean and Marginalize These People (this Despite the Fact that They're Doing a Lot of the Heavy Lifting and, While, Yes, They've Certainly Made Some Mistakes, the Pot In this Case ESPECIALLY Shouldn't Be Calling the Kettle Black)

Yeah, it's because they're panicking and scared shitless that they can't control the narrative anymore.......Oh well.

On Beyonce Losing at the Grammys Again

Wait, don't tell me. More racism?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

On the Fact that Some Clown on YouTube Named Pewdiepie Has Over 54 MILLION Subscribers

Speechless. Just plain speechless.

On When Michele Bachmann Claimed that the Founding Fathers Tirelessly Tried to Get Rid of Slavery and Everybody (Including Me) Made Fun of Her for it

    She was actually more right than wrong. a) George Washington spent a large portion of his adult life trying to come up with a plan in which slavery "may be abolished by slow, sure, and imperceptible degrees" (for to do so rapidly would have caused mass starvation, social unrest, etc.).   b) Later in his life, Washington stated this - "Not only do I pray for it on the score of human dignity, but I can clearly foresee that nothing but the rooting out of slavery can perpetuate the existence of our union by consolidating it in a common bond of principle."   c) James Monroe was for the eventual abolition of slavery and once stated this - "We have found this evil has preyed upon the very vitals of the Union; and has been prejudicial to all the States in which it has existed."   d) In 1782, Virginia and other Southern states passed manumission laws and within a decade 10,000 black servants had been voluntarily freed by the white owners.   e) President Jefferson in 1807 signed legislation to totally halt the slave trade (which the Yankee slavers largely ignored but I digress).   f) As a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1769, Jefferson asked the British crown for permission to emancipate all of the slaves in the colonies but was shot down.............There are other examples but I think that you get the message........................................................................................................Sources - "The Rise of American Civilization" by Charles and Mary Beard, "American Negro Slavery" by U.B. Phillips, "The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade" by William O. Blake, The Evils of Slavery, and the Cure of Slavery" by Lydia Maria Child, "Chronicle of the World" by Jerome Burne, "Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery Is Wrong" by Lochlainn Seabrook, and "Division and Reunion" by Woodrow Wilson.       

On this Sneaking Suspicion of Mine that the Only Reason Why the U.S. Is Even Involved in Syria in the First Place Is Because Israel and Saudi Arabia Want Us There (to Depose Assad on Isreal's Count and to Bitch-Slap the Shia on Saudi Arabia's)

It's just an educated guess but it does sound plausible, doesn't it?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

On the Fact that Some Slantheaded and Propagandist Filmmaker (the Douche-Bag Who Made that Movie Which Attempted to Glorify that Piece-of-Shit Terrorist-Affiliated Outfit, the White Helmets) Actually Went on Stage at the Academy Awards and Read a Few Bullshit Quotes from the Koran (One of the Most Incoherent, Divisive, and Profoundly Mediocre Books on the Planet)

Egregious Medieval Stupidity, Egregious Contemporary Stupidity. Egregious Contemporary Stupidity, Egregious Medieval Stupidity. Oprah, Uma. Uma, Oprah.

My Favorite Configuration of the Jeff Beck Group?

  These guys!!

On the Concept of Postmodernists Tearing Down Science While Simultaneously Pounding Away on Their Laptop Computer, Listening to Wagner and Stravinsky on Their I-Pad, and Cruising In a Jumbo-Jet 35,000 Feet Above the Earth

Oh, and did I mention, they aren't big fans of logic, either?

On the Fact that in the Late 18th Century, a Virginia Slaveholder Named Robert Carter the Third Emancipated All 500 of His Black Servants at a Cost of $15,000,000 in Today's Currency

Name ONE Northern slaveholder who ever did anything even remotely this magnanimous (most Northerners simply sold their slaves to the South and at a nice profit - the slave system not proving practical in the North). I'll wait.

On the Fact that More and More People from the West These Days Seemingly Need Validation Simply for Existing and/or Putting One Foot In From of the Other

It's pathetic and if it continues the Muslims aren't even going to need to invade as we will perish on our own.

On the Fact that the U.N. Passed 20 Anti-Israel Resolutions this Past Year but Only One Against North Korea (North-Fucking-Korea!!) and Syria and None Against Cuba, China, Venezuela, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc., etc. -

And we continue to a part of this rump, corrupt, and putrid organization......why exactly?

On the Fact that in Sweden Just Last Year (According to Crime Statistics from the Police) Sexual Assaults at Swimming Pools Are Up 224% and Sexual Assaults at Parks Are Up 290%

And the Don Lemons of the world want us to think that this is all due to boozed-up Vikings and other such bullshit.......Wake up, people!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

On the Almost Perfect Correlation Between Trump Popping Off About Obama Wiretapping His Ass and the Mainstream Media's Newfound Requirement for Evidence

A pure coincidence, I'm sure.

On the Fact that While I'm Not a Big Fan of Trump (I Held My Nose and Voted for the Aleppo Fellow), if it Ultimately Comes Down to Him Versus the Deep State, Corporate Media, Cultural Marxists, SJWs, Political Establishment, Hollywood, etc., Yeah, I'm Probably Gonna Have to Side with Him, Sorry

It sure is a sad state of affairs, isn't it?  

On "I Believe in Free Speech BUT......"

Needless to say the only really important words come AFTER the but.

On the Fact that (According to Numerous Researchers; Seabrook, Blake, Coughlin, Rodriguez, etc.) Even Though the Ibo Tribesmen from What Is Now Southern Nigeria a) Practiced a Barbaric Form of Slavery that Was Infinitely Worse than Anything that Was Ever Perpetrated in the American South and b) Greatly Aided in the Development and Maintenance of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, These People Have NEVER, EVER, Been Asked to Issue a Formal Apology and/or Cough-Up Reparations

More unimpeachable evidence that a) a double-standard exists and b) the left continues to feel that people of color are incapable of moral agency.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

On the Fact that Trump Wants to Spend Over a Half Trillion Dollars More on Defense Over the Next Ten Years

Well, being that a) we already spend more than the next 14 countries combined and b) the types of threats that we're bound to encounter in the coming decades will not necessitate an enormous conventional force, yeah, it does seem a trifle high.............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, when you combine this with the monstrous infrastructure boondoggle of Trump's and the fact that neither party seems to want to engage in any sort of meaningful entitlement reform, it really does appear that this President is virtually indecipherable from the previous two. Sadly.  

On the Fact that the Washington Post Recently Tried to Assert that it's Difficult to Get Permission to Do a Federal Wiretap

Yeah, that 99.97% success rate ( is a major barrier for certain.

On Teddy Roosevelt Being Considered a Great President

Yeah, the 200,000 Filipino Civilians who got mowed down during his bullshit imperial war probably would have voted, NO (ditto, the thousands of people who were unspeakably tortured via such U.S. classics as the "water cure" and "spread eagle"). Just a wild guess.

On the Fact that We Now Know Through Wikileaks and Vault 7 that the C.I.A. Can Mimic the Hacking Protocols of Russia and Other Countries to Obfuscate Their Own Hacks -

Though I'm certain that they've never done so.......Yeah, right.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On the Islamic Claim that it Was Actually Some Muslim Fellow Jumping from a Mosque Who Invented Flight and Not the Wright Brothers

Yeah, these boneheads are obviously confusing flying with plummeting at breakneck speed and/or just plain being suicidal. An honest mistake, I'm certain.

On the Notion that Since John Lewis Marched with Marin Luther King and Took a Few Pops to the Noggin 50 Years Ago, He Will Continue to Have for the Rest of His Natural Life Carte Blanche to Say or Do Any Damn Thing that He Pleases

Yeah, that kinda sounds like "black privilege" to me (not to mention the soft and insidious bigotry of low expectations).

On the Fact that the Washington Post Recently Referred to the "Lack of Credibility that Wikileaks Has as a News-Source"

You have got to be fucking kidding me; the Post, a fucking piece of shit rag that even after the F.B.I. has said that the Trump, Russia connection has zero evidence to substantiate it, CONTINUES TO TRY AND PUSH IT and, AND, instead of being aghast at the frightening components of C.I.A. overreach that Vault 7 has uncovered, the first question that they ask is, were the Russians behind the thing, they're the ones talking about journalistic standards and integrity? Give me a break. 

On the Odds that the West Will Experience a Gentle Landing When it Comes to Islam

Well, based upon what we've seen thus far in Europe (the crime, the lack of assimilation, the massive financial burden, etc.), the results of that Pew Survey which showed that Muslims in numerous countries believe in all sorts of barbarous and backward shit, the scholarly work of people like Robert Putnam and Samuel Huntington pertaining to the downside of ethnic and cultural diversity, etc., yeah, I'm gonna say that they're low. Quite low.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

On the Fact that if the Political Establishment, Mainstream Media, and Intelligence Community Ultimately Succeed in Pushing Trump Out of Office Over What Has Thus Far Been Absolute Bullshit it Will Change the Fabric of the Country and In a Way that We May Not Appreciate

Yeah, I would say that we all need to stop and take a deep breath before we decide to cross that particular Rubicon. Don't you (the few sane people still around) agree?

On the Fact that ISIS Recently Beheaded Some 15 Year-Old Kid Simply for Listening to Western Pop Music

Gee, I wonder what that douche-bag Georgetown Islamic Studies professor has to say about this; that it's a part of their "culture" (and, yes, Muhammad would have done the same damned thing if he was still alive - check the fucking record)?

On the Fact that the Obamas, Instead of Getting the Hell Out of the Washington Cesspool Like Pretty Much Every Other First Family, Have Decided to Rent a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion that's Just a Stone's-Throw from the White House

He probably thinks that things can't run without him (with the thought of someday coming off the bench being the dude's ultimate wet-dream, no doubt).

On the Fact that President Trump Is Eventually Going to Do Something Exceedingly Stupid (Every President Save for Possibly Coolidge Has) but Because the Media Has Already Cried Wolf Over What Has Essentially Been Bullshit Numerous Times, Nobody's Going to Listen

 And then where will we be? Yeah, huh?

Monday, March 6, 2017

On Where Unchecked Political Correctness Leads

   So, is this the type of society that you wish to live in? 

On the Fact that a) Senator Claire McCaskill Lied When She Said that She Had Never Met with the Russian Ambassador and b) the New York Times Deleted Her Statement (Which They Had Initially Posited as True) Once it Was Determined that the Bitch Was Lying

   A perfect example of why politicians and journalists are amongst the world's most despised human beings (and, yes, I'm being very magnanimous in labeling them as such). 

On the Fact that at or Around the Same Time that Mrs. Clinton's State Department Was Signing Off on the Transfer of 20% of America's Uranium to a Russian Conglomerate, Tens of Millions of Dollars Were Flowing in to the Clinton Foundation from Numerous Associates in this Project AND Bill Clinton Received $500,000 for Belting Out Some Bullshit and Platitudinous Speech In Moscow -

No, it isn't a smoking-gun but the fact that Mrs. Clinton didn't report at least $2.35 million of this largess (this money coming from the head-honcho of the project, no less) indicates to me that she was at least concerned about the appearance of it.............Speaking of "Russian connections".

On the Fact that (According to Historian John Garraty's Volume, "Historical Viewpoints") the South's Hesitation to Abolish Slavery Was NEVER About Whether it Should Be Done or Not but Rather About How and When

While I understand that the typical person's belief is that the South was this profoundly racist region who's goal it was to never relinquish slavery, the fact of the matter (and echoed brilliantly by Southern scholars such as Donald Livingston, Clyde Wilson, Brion McClanahan, and Lochlainn Seabrook) is that the enlightened viewpoint ON BOTH SIDES OF THE MASON DIXON LINE was that slavery was a bad institution but that they didn't know what to do about it (the consensus view being some sort of manumission combined with colonization - 'cause as we know, the North didn't want any part of black people), and being that it took the North 200 years to get rid of their slaves WHILE MAKING A PROFIT......., something short of 700,000 deaths was a mite preferable, I think.

On What I Might Do if Another Bush or Clinton Ever Runs for President

To quote Mrs. Clinton herself, "all options are on the table (yep, including the nuclear one)."

On the Fact that Those Doltish Students at Georgetown Protested Vociferously When Nonie Darwish Gave a Lecture About the Evils of Muslim Extremism and Sharia Law but Have Never Said a Peep in Response to an Islamic Studies Professor at that Same University All but Defending Muslim Rape and Slavery -

This is so far beyond Orwell at this juncture that it isn't even funny (the fact that the left is defending egregious Medieval stupidity, victim-blaming, and a level or moral relativism that is borderline absurd).......At least I'm not laughing. Not yet.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

"One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi, Four Mississippi......"

What would be my answer to the question, "So, what would you tell President Trump to say to himself right before he engages in one of his patented Twitter tirades?"

On the Fact Some Bald-Headed Stooge on that Piece-of-Shit Leftist Web-Site, "The Ring of Fire", Recently Tried to Equate President Trump with Adolf Hitler Because the Latter Kept Crime Statistics on Jews and Trump Wants to Keep Similar Stats on Illegal Aliens

Yes, Hitler kept crime-stats. He also ate food, drank beverages, breathed air, and probably did some fucking. So what!!............And as for keeping statistics on crime and race, you want to know who else does it? Try the F.B.I. and pretty much every big city police department in the fucking country.......What, are they Hitlers, too? 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017

On the Fact that on July 22nd, 1861, the U.S. Congress Stated THIS;

"......this war is not waged upon our part in any spirit of oppression, nor for any purpose of conquest or subjugation, NOR PURPOSE OF OVERTHROWING OR INTERFERING WITH THE RIGHTS OR ESTABLISHED INSTITUTIONS (THAT IS, SLAVERY) OF THOSE STATES; but to defend and maintain the supremacy of the Constitution and to preserve the Union......."......Oh yeah, Lincoln's war was allllllllllllll about slavery.

On the Fact that Ideologies and Narratives Ultimately Lead to Mental Retardation and/or Psychosis

And our cup most assuredly runneth over (with the fellow on top quite possibly being the LEAST insane).

On the Fact that the Left Apparently Wants Anybody Who's Ever Had so Much as a Casual Conversation with a Russian Person to Resign from Life Immediately

Unless your name is Hillary Clinton and it involves uranium, of course.

On the Concept of People Evading Loaded Questions from Skilled Propagandists Being Seen as Something Crooked and Sinister

Yeah, I guess that every 60 years or so we have to purge ourselves of it and mosey on. Enter today.

On the Fact that the Person Who's Responsible for at Least Some of Those Bomb-Threats to Jewish Community Centers Isn't a Trump Supporter (as a Shitload of Bloggers and "Journalists" Have Alleged) but Rather a Disgraced, Black, Leftist Journalist Who Was Fired last Year for Making Shit Up -

So just another hoax/story that the mainstream media isn't interested in, in other words. Just great.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

On the Fact that the Left Is Seemingly More Exercised that Donald Trump Puts Ketchup on His Steak and that Kellyanne Conway Puts Her Feet on the Sofa than They Ever Were About Hillary and Obama Destroying Libya, Funneling Weapons to ISIS and al Qaeda, and Selling Weapons Outright to Saudi Arabia (Weapons that Are Currently Being Used to Conduct a Genocide in Yemen)

Yeah, those are some fucked-up priorities, for sure. 

On the Fact that the War Street, err, I Mean, Wall Street, Journal's Online Web-Site Has a Pay-Wall

What kind of sycophantic and deranged person would dish out money to read that statist, neoconservative poison? I mean, I know that these folks exist but, God damn (the fact that anybody with an IQ over that of a turnip already knows what Bret Stephens is going to say before he says it and so why fucking pay for it?).  

On the Strong Inverse Correlation Between Fossil Fuel Consumption and Climate Deaths

Yeah, the environmental extremists (either out of ignorance or intentional deceit) never seem to mention this fact and instead continue to expound this ridiculous notion that the climate is safe and that humans make it unsafe (when anybody with a scintilla of common sense and curiosity can tell you that it's just the opposite; prosperity being brought about by cheap and abundant energy with prosperity making us more far adaptable to the weather). Thankfully the general public is seeing through the bullshit (the fact that virtually every prediction by the catastrophists has been off; one example) and, so, yeah, maybe the James Hansons and Ben Santers of the world can crawl back under that bureaucratic rock of theirs and start leaving us alone.  

On the Fact that if You Had Told the 19th Century London Population that Couldn't Burn Coal Because it Was Causing Global Warming, They Would Have Told You to Pound Sand

Yep, and that's exactly what the third-world should be telling the first-world when we foist that same bullshit on them.......Solar-panels in huts. Yeah, right.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On the Fact that Transgendered People Have Been Using Bathrooms for Decades and as Far as I Know it Hasn't Been a Huge Issue (the Fact that Most People Really Don't Care if You're a Guy Who Feels Like a Girl and so They Probably Wouldn't Mess with You if You Ever Decided to Frequent the Ladies Room)

And so the government is involving itself......why exactly?......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the government inserting itself into this issue will undoubtedly make things worse in that it will provide legal cover to virtually any piece of shit who thinks that by simply putting on a wig and saying that his "gender fluidity" currently has him identifying as a woman, he can go into a ladies room and get his rocks off. HELLO!!   

On Trump Calling the Press "the Enemy of the People"

Yeah, that was probably over the line and the fellow definitely needs to be more careful and less inflammatory with his words but do I need to remind you that his predecessor prosecuted nine whistle-blowers and leakers, constantly used the Espionage Act (a relic of WW1 and the loathsome Wilson administration), spied on numerous reporters, and even tabbed one of these reporters (Fox News's James Rosen) an unindicted co-conspirator ( I probably do, huh?

On the Fact that Germans Dish Out Three Times as Much for Energy as Americans Do (Four Times as Much When You Examine it as a Percentage of Income)

And this is the model that politicians like Clinton, Obama, and Sanders want us to emulate (energy poverty indeed). Pretty damned scary, huh?